What is myPSR?

What is myPSR used for and why will it help your business?
Written by myPSR Support
Updated 2 years ago

myPSR is an online tool which will manage your service requests from all clients end to end and report on these to your clients as a value added service.

Built for all facets of the service industry (cleaning, plumbing, electricians etc) to help manage all incoming and outgoing service requests within your organisation.

  • Track time spent on all jobs
  • Track jobs completed and by whom
  • Attach photos of requests completed
  • Easily report by client, time, by site and by operator
  • Invoice the moment a job is completed through your usual accounting package
  • Don't miss out on lost income when staff forget to tell you about additional service requests they have worked on. 

Offer this as a value added service for your clients and offer them complete transparency on services you supply.

Accessible online 24/7 using any device with an internet connection.

We don't confuse you with a million add-ons and packages that do everything, we do one thing and we do it well.

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