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Track attendance with the use of QR Codes
Written by myPSR Support
Updated 2 years ago

With the use of QR codes (which are easily created in myPSR) users are now able to track attendance of all operators.

  1. Go to Modules and then select Site Attendance Tracking
  2. Create a New Property Location
  3. Once created you are then able to download the QR Code for the location created

Checking in and out

  1. In order to check in/out you will need to download the myPSR app - Apple Store or Google Play Store
  2. You will need an account on myPSR
  3. After logging in you will need to clear the "gear icon on the middle of the screen" and then click on Check In/Out
  4. Camera will open and you will then need to scan the QR Code and check in. Once that is done the user isn't able to scan anything else (myPSR will not let them do that). The only QR code they can re-scan is the one they used to scan in.
  5. When it's time to checkout you will need to repeat the same process
  6. You are then able to run reports based on building or user logging in.



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